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If you are using an iPad:
EUSD iPad Tutorials: Camera
EUSD iPad Tutorials: iMovie for Editing

Project LIVE, EUSD's program for bringing digital video into the classroom, has put together a host of resources for all phases of video production. This site was designed for teachers, so it should be especially easy for you:


If you are Using an iPad:
EUSD iPad Tutorials: 

We usually use a camera to take snapshots: quick, on-the-spot pictures that preserve personal memories. It has deep personal meaning, but it's not as meaningful to people not directly connected to the event.

A photograph is something done with a lot of thinking, trying to create an artistic image that will appeal to many people, even if they weren't directly linked to the event portrayed.

Use the links below to help you understand how to be a better photographer. Most of the sites have lots more information than what's linked, so look around to find more.

Many of the links below came from a very helpful site that deserves further exploring: Digital Photography School

Audio Storytelling

If you are using an iPad:
EUSD iPad Tutorials:
GarageBand (Video - Full Tutorial)
Record Your Voice in GarageBand (Video - 5 min.)

GarageBand is Apple's very cool audio recording program, and it's in just about every classroom in EUSD. Below are numerous GarageBand resources to help you record your ideas, whether they be spoken words or music. Even if you don't use GarageBand, you'll still learn important ideas:

More Resources:
The GarageDoor
More GarageBand Video tutorials
Using GarageBand to make a Podcast

Share your Project file with your teacher using AirDrop

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