EYMF Promo Guidelines

EYMF 2011 Promotional Video Spot Contest Guidelines

Sponsored by the Escondido Education Foundation

See the 2011 EYMF Promo Contest promo by Mitchell de Neve and Albert Ngo

OK, here's the deal. Anyone (any age, any place) can submit an entry to the EYMF Promo Contest. Submission deadline is February 28, 2011, so there's not much time. There will be a $100 cash prize for the winning submission. EYMF officials will be the sole decider of the winning entry. The single cash prize will go to the individual submitting the winning Promo, regardless of how many people worked on the project.

Your audience is the student population of the Escondido Union School District (K-8). Your promotional video should be appropriate for and appeal to that audience and get them excited about entering their own creative work into the Escondido Youth Media Festival. Below are the only guidelines; beyond that, you are free to be as interesting, innovative, and creative as possible. If you have any questions, use the Contact EYMF link (left sidebar).

The purpose of this contest is to build awareness of, participation in and support for the Escondido Youth Media Festival, an educational activity for young children. Selection of the winner is final. The winning PSA can be used for promotional purposes as deemed necessary by the Escondido Youth Media Festival and its producer, the Escondido Education Foundation. We will properly acknowledge its creator.

 Your submission must have these elements to be considered:

  • Download this graphic; it must appear in the video
  • The video must be 30 seconds long; no more, no less
  • The 4 categories must be mentioned (see Media Categories, left sidebar)
  • You must mention submission dates: March 1-May 9, 2011
  • You must direct students to the EYMF website for more information:
    • eymf.eusd.org

 How to participate in this contest:

  • Your entry form (below) and submission must be complete by midnight, February 28, 2011
  • Feel free to explore the links in the left sidebar to better understand the festival
  • You must have a media release for every individual who appears in your video (Downloads, left sidebar); the winning entry will be asked to submit them to EYMF
  • If you use any media in your video not created by yourself (pictures, music, etc.), you must have permission and fill out a Media Permission form (Downloads, left sidebar); the winning entry will be asked to submit it to EYMF
  • Your submission must be an .mp4 (including H.264 .mov) file, between 640 and 960 pixels in the longest dimension (see EYMF File Prep if you need more)
  • Your submission should be titled first initial, last name (e.g. jdoe.mov)
  • Your submission should be placed in the EYMF folder of this Public location:
      • https://public.me.com/frankmaggi
      • Click on the EYMF folder
      • Click on the Up Arrow (upload)
      • Do not interfere with the contents of the folder outside of uploading your submission
Jan 27, 2011, 9:04 AM