2019 EYMF Judges

Video (Class Projects and Individual Projects)

Frank Maggi

Frank Maggi was employed with the Escondido Union School District for 42 years as a classroom teacher and Educational Technology Teacher (ETT). As a founding Project LIVE leader, Frank Maggi set in motion many of the video expression you are seeing in this festival. He also an accomplished videographer, recently completing the documentary, Final Piece of the Puzzle.  Always a daredevil, he enjoys drone cinematography. 

Heather Peterson

Heather Peterson started her educational career in Anaheim City School District over 25 years ago and was awarded Teacher of the Year there. Heather spent several years in ACSD as a coordinator of a $2.4 Million Technology Literacy Challenge Grant before moving to Escondido Union School District and landing at Central Elementary School. Heather is currently a Teacher on Special Assignment for EUSD’s BTSA/Induction program. She is one of EUSD’s original Project Live teachers and has received iVIE Award accolades for numerous classroom movies. Heather has been an iREAD teacher for years and is one of two original 1-1 iREAD teachers integrating iPod Touches in the classroom. Her classroom work is featured on the Apple website. She is currently an iREAD mentor teacher. She was awarded EUSD 2002-03 District Teacher of the Year, has presented at various education conferences, including CUE, and has co-presented at the EYMF. She was also Channel 7/39 Inspirational Teacher of the Month, January 2011. For many years, Heather’s students produced weekly Morning Announcements for Central Elementary School and her students have won EYMF awards for their work. Heather believes that integrating technology is key to the future!

Chia Grossmann

I inherited my talent for math and engineering from my father and music and art from my mother. As a child I was fortunate to be a student in an educational program, which encouraged exploration, creativity, and divergent thinking. I think the photography bug bit me when I learned how to print photos in our home darkroom. Working on a video for the San Diego Junior Theater in eighth grade, was my introduction into the intricacies of creating video projects. In High School Dad promised to match what I saved to buy a car. The summer before my high school senior year I blew the entire wad on photography equipment. I encourage creativity so that each child can discover their strength and build on it. I want them to have the joy of learning so that they will remain curious and continue to seek knowledge throughout their lives. In my classroom I integrate technology using iPods, computers, video and audio. I have been fortunate to receive recognition and many awards, and the two that I am most proud of are Teacher of the Year and a two-time winner of an iVIE award.


 Kirsten Josephson

Kirsten Josephson has a background in art, graphic design, and print media. She received a Bachelor of Science degree in Graphic Communications at California Polytechnic State University and a Master of Arts degree in Communication (Intercultural/International) from San Diego State University. After working in the graphic arts industry, she started a second career as a middle school educator in the Redwood City School District as a Newcomer teacher and then in the Escondido Union School District as an English Language Arts and Graphic Arts teacher, an English Language Development and Technology peer coach, and a resource teacher. One of her passions is capturing special moments through photography. She is excited to see all the amazing student talent showcased at the Escondido Youth Media Festival!

Larry Sterling

 Larry Sterling studied Photography at Art Center College of Design. Larry specialized in Studio Advertising Photography of Toys & Gifts, Medical & Technology Instruments and Cosmetics. His clients included: The Disney Catalogue, Warner Brothers, Universal Studios, Applause and Baxter Healthcare.

 Paul Erickson

Paul Erickson is a 5th grade teacher at Oak Hill Elementary. In addition, he is stock photographer who specializes in night, low light, and nature photography. His images have been represented by a number of companies and products including Warner Brothers, Petco, The U.S. National Park Service, The Reader, and University San Diego. He has been an exclusive stock photographer with Getty Images since 2005.

Audio Storytelling

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Ted Kirkbride

Ted Kirkbride is an Escondido Union School District Technology Teacher and a founding member of the I Record Educational Audio Digitally (iREAD) program. Prior to being involved with iREAD, Mr. Kirkbride used Garage Band audio recordings in his classroom to enhance student learning through reflection.  Students would reflect on their reading and on their written stories by reading them out loud while recording them. Through the years working with the iREAD program, Ted has heard digital audio projects by many students that include podcasts, story telling, sound stories, as well as original music and lyrics. He believes digital audio recording is a powerful tool for students learning in the 21st century and beyond.

Joan Bohnstedt

 Joan has been teaching for 29 years and has taught all grades from kinder through fifth.  She loves watching students grow and become excited about their learning. After 25 years in the classroom, she stepped outside to become a Tech TOSA/Reading Intervention teacher for a year, coach for 2 years and is currently the enrichment/impact teacher at Central running the STEM/Robotics/Makerspace lab where she sees all first through fifth grade classes weekly. Joan was also a seven year member of the EUSD iRead community.Joan has been married for almost 28 years and has an 18 year old daughter who is a freshman at Boise State.  In addition to being active at her church and a runner, she loves to travel both inside and outside of the United States.

Rob Shepherd

Rob Shepherd taught for 36 years in the Escondido Union School District. Rob first began integrating audio and video projects into his instructional program way back in the 70s, initially utilizing a cassette recorder, sound effects on 12 inch LP records played on a classroom record player, and a  super eight movie camera. As technology advanced, Rob's students raised  funds to purchase increasingly sophisticated equipment for sound effects stories and video productions. With the support of EUSD's Project Live, Rob's students wrote, performed, and produced a number of iVIE award winning  standards-based instructional videos. Rob says, "Video, photography, music, and audio productions are highly engaging and motivating forms of expression for kids. The Escondido Youth Media Festival provides us with an important vehicle to recognize and celebrate the creative genius of EUSD students."

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