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It is important that you have legal access to use any media that is in your submission. No submission will be considered if it contains media without permission to use it. The easiest way to guarantee everything you use is legal is to make it yourself: your music, your artwork, your pictures, your video. Sometimes, though, it's not practical to do it all yourself. If you decide to use any media not created by you (including pictures from the Internet), you must be sure you are using it legally. This means you must have specific permission to use it. 

Here is some help:

  • It's OK to use resources included with an editing program such as sound effects included in iMovie or loops included in Garage Band.
  • Video projects should give attribution  (that means say where you got it from) to any work that you did not create but are using legally, for example in the credits.
  • Because EUSD has a license to use music from FreePlay Music for school-supported projects, you may legally use their music for your EYMF submission. You can't use it for non-EUSD projects that you want to submit to a festival or otherwise make public. 
  • Media that is in the Public Domain or covered by a Creative Commons license can usually be used legally. Here is a good site with lots of links to those kinds of resources. You still must attribute. Tip: Try a Google Image search, but add "Creative Commons" or "Public Domain" to your search terms. Be sure any photo you use tells you it's covered by Creative Commons or Public Domain and be sure to give attribution.
  • A few places to look for free, legal resources:

Things you can't do:

  • Use tracks from your favorite CD
  • Use music you purchased for your iPod or phone
  • Record a cover of a favorite song
  • Use Internet pictures that don't specifically say you may use them (Creative Commons pictures are OK if you attribute)
  • Use scenes from movies not made by you (don't rip your DVDs for material)
  • Use videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or other Internet locations (unless they give explicit permission and you give attribution)